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Peter Andrious Joins Neuro-ID, Excited to Help "Unlock the World's Behavioral Data"

May 1, 2021, Whitefish, MT – Neuro-ID announced today that Peter Andrious has joined the company to help advance its mission of unlocking the world’s behavioral data taking on the executive role of Vice President of Solutions.

Prior to joining Neuro-ID, Peter spent the last 15 years in Cybersecurity Sales Engineering leadership roles at RSA Security, including Vice President Global Pre-Sales. Peter earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Exeter and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Bath, both in the United Kingdom.

“Unlocking the world’s behavioral data and helping customers realize the value that data can drive is a big mission. The talent that Peter brings with him and his years of experience working directly with customers at the enterprise level will go a long way in helping us accomplish our goal,” said Jack Alton, CEO at Neuro-ID. “Peter is top notch, and his enthusiasm, expertise, and leadership is a great addition to our team.”

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Industry Veteran David Broeckelman-Post Joins Neuro-ID To Support Exponential Growth

March 30, 2021, Whitefish, MT – Neuro-ID announced today that David Broeckelman-Post has joined the company taking on the executive role of Vice President of Engineering.

Prior to joining Neuro-ID, David spent 11 years at RSA Cybersecurity and Digital Risk Management in several key leadership roles including, Chief Architect, Head of Product Architecture, and Sr. Director, Office of Digital Transformation. David earned both a Bachelors’ Degree in Communication System Management and a Master Degree in Information and Telecommunication Systems from Ohio University.  

“We’re thrilled to have David join our growing team. His experience leading teams focused on digital transformation, infrastructure and operations automation is a big win for Neuro-ID and our customers.” said Jack Alton CEO Neuro-ID. 

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Neuro-ID’s Technology and People Attracts Data Science Industry Veteran Matt Williamson

Neuro-ID announced today that Matt Williamson has joined the company filling a key executive position, Chief Data Science Officer.

Matt holds a Master of Engineering degree from Oxford University and a PhD in Computer Science from MIT, graduating with Magna Cum Laude and #1 in his class.  Prior to joining Neuro-ID, Matt served in several senior executive roles including Chief Technology Officer and Chief Threat Defense Scientist.

“Suffice it to say, the guy is brilliant, but what excites me even more, is that he is a great person culturally to fit inside our organization.  The team will love working with him,” said Jeff Jenkins, co-founder and CTO at Neuro-ID. “Matt started in robotics and has held key positions in multiple risk and security startups since 2004. I couldn’t be more excited about Matt joining the team. He’ll bring both immediate and long-term strategic value to the company.”

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